The main component of the scrap processing cycle is the industrial consumer – the industry that buys the scrap processor’s product and starts it back on its way through the manufacturing chain.

Many different firms – large and small – can collect your scrap material. But unless the firm you employ has the size, capacity, capability, and reputation to collect your scrap on a timely basis, as well as process, recycle, and market it profitably, you’re really not maximizing your return on the scrap materials that your company generates.

United Milwaukee Scrap executives have the experience and expertise to analyze your scrap collection and removal operation, consulting and making recommendations to improve your efficiency. This helps to minimize the amount of time spent on scrap handling in your operation, and maximize the market value of your scrap materials.

At United Milwaukee Scrap we have the capability to establish direct consumers for your processed materials, from steel mills to foundries to ferro-alloy producers. We ship direct to the mills which means higher prices for you. We currently service more than 500 customers, relationships based on a handshake and mutual trust. We don’t require long term commitments. Our performance speaks for itself.